• Stellar Steamers 20cm Bain Marie Insert
Stellar Steamers 20cm Bain Marie Insert

Stellar Steamers 20cm Bain Marie Insert

26.95 €


Transform any 18 or 20cm saucepan into a versatile bain-marie cooker with the Stellar Steamers 20cm Bain Marie Insert. This insert is specifically engineered to handle delicate foods that are prone to curdling or scorching under high heat. By enveloping your ingredients in a gentle and even cooking environment, it ensures flawless results every time.Its circular base is designed to snugly fit into a pan of warm water, providing a cocoon of indirect heat that delicately cooks your dishes. From luscious custards to silky sauces, hearty porridge, and indulgent chocolate fondue, this bain-marie insert caters to a variety of culinary delights. Moreover, the bain-marie technique not only ensures precise cooking but also serves as a reliable method to keep your food warm without the risk of overcooking. Crafted from premium stainless steel, the Stellar bain-marie insert boasts robust cast handles and a clear pouring rim, guaranteeing durability and ease of use.Backed by a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee, the Stellar Steamers 20cm Bain Marie Insert promises enduring quality and satisfaction.

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