• Caso Designs HW 550 Hot Water Dispenser
Caso Designs HW 550 Hot Water Dispenser

Caso Designs HW 550 Hot Water Dispenser

87.95 €


The Caso Designs HW 550 Hot Water Dispenser is the perfect solution for those looking to save time, money and energy when making hot beverages. Compared to traditional kettles, this eco-friendly hot water dispenser saves up to 50% more energy (certified by Caso Design, 2024).With seven volume options ranging from 100ml to 400ml, and a continuous flow option, you can easily heat only the amount of water you need. Choose from seven pre-set temperatures between 40°C to 100°C, or room temperature for filtered refreshments. This makes it perfect for a variety of hot beverages, instant noodles, filling hot water bottles, preparing baby food, and filling saucepans. You can even enjoy speciality teas such as Green Tea or Oolong Tea that benefit from being brewed at a specific temperature.Intuitive touch controls make using this hot water dispenser a breeze. Simply select your desired temperature and water quantity with the touch of a button. To prevent accidental usage, the machine will auto-lock after 15 seconds of inactivity.The dimensions of the dispenser are W17.5cm x H30cm x D29cm, and it weighs 1.9kg. The water tank capacity is 2.9 litres, allowing you to easily make multiple cups of hot beverages. Plus, the Caso HW 550 Hot Water Dispenser comes with a manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.

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